Ceiling fans. Use them in summer but also in winter.

Ceiling fans. Use them in summer but also in winter.

ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an ideal way to cool your house during the warm months of the year, given its low consumption. But did you know that they can also help you save money on the central heating during the coldest months?

We all know that the use of ceiling fans is to cool the house by generating a light breeze and making the cold air going down distributing it throughout the whole room. But if you look, every ceiling fan has two positions: to turn clockwise and anticlockwise.

How to use the ceiling fan in winter?

This means the winter and summer positions of the ceiling fans. During the summer months, the fan will move the cold air in the room and it will also help to generate refreshing breezes. To use the ceiling fan during the winter, you only have to turn back the blades anticlockwise. Doing so, you will economise your use of heating because the ceiling fan will move the hot air accumulated on the top of the room and will throw it to the lowest parts of the room what improves the energetic efficiency of any heating system.

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